Cell towers next to Schools, Care Homes, residential property

The Britons for a Clean Atmosphere team have been measuring RF microwave radiation for a while now and apart from the huge readings we’ve experienced, we notice a tendency to site these towers next or near to schools (where the especially vulnerable children are), care homes, recreational areas and places where people live and are exposed 24/7.

It seems that these places would be the last ones we would choose if wanting to minimise exposure to radiation pollution.

There appears to be scant regard for harm to health but they are aware of the risks, as evidenced by their terminology.

Radiation pollution, as non-ionising radiation is defined by Lloyds of London, is uninsurable because the risks involved are being likened, behind closed doors of course, to those which were presented by asbestos and tobacco years ago.

We strongly believe that we are seeing a replay of historic events, that since have been proven to be major causal factors of ill health and mortality.

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